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ESOMAR FUSION 2019DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael (@DigitalMR_CEO) will be participating in the upcoming ESOMAR FUSION event that takes place in Madrid (Spain) between November 11-14 inclusive. 

Michalis will be facilitating the conversation between panelists Joaquim Bretcha (ESOMAR President), Kyle Findlay (Kantar Insights) and Tamara Lucas (Convosphere) in a session called ‘The Big Debate: Is Social Intelligence part of the insights function?’

ESOMAR FUSION is “an intensive back-to-back-to-back event diving deep into the struggles and success stories of qualitative research and data science, with time saved specifically for showcasing their synergy strength and potential.”

Don’t miss ‘The Big Debate’ in the main room at 2.55pm on Tuesday November 12th.

To find out more about the event, click here.

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